Accessories that every car should have

Accessories that every car should have

Your car is your home too just as the workplace, is. There are certain necessities that you should consider having with you every time you board your car. Here are a must have car accessories for your next trip.

Windscreen mounts of your phone

The windscreen mounts enable a hands-free operation of your phone where you can use the maps, connect to a Bluetooth receiver or listen to music via aux interface. Pick mounts that offer a good grip for the phone such that the phone does not fall off when you hit the bumps. The side grip arms do a better job than the clip-on style mounts. However, ensure that the phone does not distract you when driving.

Car hammer that comes with a seatbelt cutter

Sometimes emergencies do happen, and they do not have advance warnings. The safety hammer is always kept at the dashboard and can be used to break the glass and cut the seatbelts if you are stuck in the car. This can save a life in some cases. There are models in the market that come with a torch, digital pressure gauge, and a knife.

The torch

It is important to have a torch with you wherever you go. Do not rely on the phone flashlight for assistance. Most smartphone batteries drain in a short while and can cut your from likely assistance when it goes off somewhere in the wilderness. Therefore, invest in a standalone torch as it can work for hours on end at night.

Air compressor pump

There are different types of air compressors in the market. Some formats also come with a night flasher and an air pressure gauge. You can have either a mechanical or an electric one. Just ensure that the air pipe is long enough to reach any of the four tires.

Towing cable

It is good to have a road assistance subscription to get assistance whenever you need it. However, it is also good to have an alternative in place. When you cannot reach the roadside assistance or they are unlikely to reach on time, you can be assisted by another car owner by the use of a towing cable. The cables are 3-4 meters in length and can handle up to five tons.

USB charger

You should always carry a USB car charger that can be plugged into the car lighter socket so that you can charge your phone on the go. Go for the option that has two ports so that you can charge the phone and use some other device on the same socket.

The role of budgeting in hiring a professional cleaning service

Move out Cleaning London

There is no doubt that the aftermath of cleaning done by a move out cleaning London service is far much better than what any individual could do by themselves. Other than the fact that professional cleaners have specialized in such work, they have cleaning equipment and chemicals to do an excellent job every time. Such a dedicated service must cost a pretty penny but the overall cost depends on how you look at it. If you are aware of the specific areas which your landlord will check on their end of tenancy cleaning inspection, then a professional can handle these as you concentrate on the less vital. Before you engage a professional cleaning London team, here is what you need to know;

Different companies, different packages – A lot of companies can help with cleaning at the end of your tenancy but they all have different charging sheets. Packages in most cases are determined by the areas to be cleaned. From packages that focus on the key residence features to those that encompass everything that can be cleaned and improved, the charges increase with the amount of work involved. Having a budget beforehand is the best way to control how much you spend on move out cleaning London.

Customized services – Every house or office building is unique in the components, features, and areas that need specialized attention to clean. Most professional who offer end of tenancy cleaning London, have consultants who will use the budget range you want to spend and information on which areas to clean, to come up with a customized cleaning arrangement for you. You can rely on Tenancy Cleaning for all your move out cleaning needs

Charging policies – Before engaging professional cleaning services, it important to understand their charging policies since various aspects can determine the overall cost of cleaning at the end of your tenancy. While most companies’ base their charge on the number of rooms or components that require thorough cleaning, others make calculations on the number of employees deployed and time taken to complete a job.

If you are working on a strict budget, it is a good idea to find out all the charges involved in a successful cleaning job. Some companies which offer a flat rate for cleaning premises when you need move out cleaning but the client ends up paying for specific components to be cleaned. Another way to save on cleaning costs is to take advantage of seasonal offers and discounts. When business is low like during the winter when most people do not consider moving, professional cleaners will offer discounts. If this is a service that would save you a lot in terms of cost and still achieve the results you want, you should try it.

When Buying Car Accessories

Considerations You Should Make When Buying Car Accessories

People buy car accessories for different reasons. Sometimes it is out of need, other times it is because of personal interest, among other reasons. When buying a car accessory, regardless of why you want it, there are certain things that you need to consider. These considerations do not only influence your decision, but also work to safeguard the performance and value of your car.

Can you get them when buying the car?

This is more of a consideration that needs to be made while buying a car but it relates to accessories. If you can get your accessories when buying the car, whether from a manufacturer or a dealer, then you should. The reason I support this decision is that the accessories are covered in the warranty agreement and you can always be assured of the value of the accessories to your car.

Operational requirements

That you want a certain accessory, does not mean that your car can accommodate it. You have to consider the operational requirements of the accessories as well as whether the car can meet these requirements safely. For instance, if you want more lighting, how much more power will be needed and what impact will that have to the battery and charging unit? Do you need and auxiliary battery or power source and how will it affect the car? This consideration also relates to the safety concerns of having and operating the accessory.

Need versus luxury

As I said, we buy accessories for different reasons with need and luxury being two of the most common. You buy the extra lighting either because you need it to see better at night, or because you need your car to look cooler. When it comes down to it, the accessories you need, such as a GPS device, should always take precedence over those that you desire but don’t need.

Aesthetic value

This might seem like a trivial consideration but it is very important to make. Even though you need an accessory, you have to consider the aesthetics. This is especially as pertains to the make and model of your car as well as such things as the interior design and finishing. For instance, consider the colour of the accessory in relation to that of your car. You want an accessory that can meet your needs and still add value to your car.


Considerations such as the budget and upgrade ability of the accessory are also important to make. At the end of the day, a lot of decision-making should go into picking out the best accessory for your car.