What are the Must-Have Car Accessories?

Car accessories make your driving experience more fun and comfortable.  There are some for entertainment while some serve vital functions in keeping your car serviceable. In these days of tow trucks on call, it is easy to overlook having these accessories. You never realise the need for a wheel jack until your tyre blows at 12 am at a place where there the mobile network is scratchy. So what car accessories count as essential?


A set of wrenches always comes in handy whether you are unscrewing a tight night hard to reach in the engine, or tightening the wheel lugs. Get a set that covers the size range of the most common nuts. Some designs are able to do a good job with minimal degree allowance as 5 degrees.

Portable jump starter

A dead battery is every driver’s nightmare.  You have to stand on the highway waving cars down like a loon. Avoid that by having a portable jump starter. A good model will have add-on features like an air compressor (in case double tragedy strikes), and a LED torch to make your work easier in the dark.  Some pack as much as 1000 amps of power.  The good thing is that there is an AC charger so that you can recharge it from the ordinary home socket.

Scissor lift

Working on your back under a car looks macho but it is a thoroughly uncomfortable experience.  The limited range of movements also means that you work on slow mode. Get a scissor lift and improve your working conditions. You can work on your feet and work on your car’s underbelly much faster.

Digital pressure gauge

It is a bit frustrating doing erratic inflation-deflation to get the tyre pressure right. When you have to do it on all the four wheels, it downright sucks. Buy a digital pressure gauge and keep the correct pressure levels. Your tyres will last longer and give you a smoother ride.


Although it is pretty much standard in today’s cars, some models especially older cars, do not have one. Adding a Satnav is bliss if you are hopeless at directions. With today’s tech, the Satnav also serves as an LCD screen for watching videos and can receive satellite radio.

Cup mount

It is no fun holding on to your drink while driving. A cup mount takes this chore away. While many cars have inbuilt cup holders on the doors and between the driver’s seat, you can buy one that attaches wherever you want it.

What Can a Tenancy Cleaning Service do for You?

Are you coming to the end of your tenancy and want to move out quickly and get your tenancy deposit?  Leaving the house thoroughly clean is a requirement in the standard tenancy agreement. Poor cleaning can lead to the landlord disputing your claims any time you place it. The best option is engaging a tenancy cleaning service. This will assure of a more thorough cleaning that will pass an inspection. What is the tenancy cleaning service expected to do?

Living room cleaning

  • Carpets and rugs are cleaned and vacuumed.
  • Both soft and hard furniture cleaned and polished
  • The upholstery is steam cleaned
  • The window panes are cleaned and the curtains steam cleaned
  • Stains on uncovered floor are cleared

Bedroom cleaning

  • Bedroom cabinets, shelves, wardrobes, and bedside cabinet are cleared out and cleaned.
  • Dusting is done on mirrors, shades, skirting, light switches, curtain rails, wall pictures,
  • Rugs and carpets is vacuum cleaned.
  • Vacuuming under the bed
  • The uncovered floor is mopped.
  • Glass surfaces including mirrors, windows, and furniture tops are cleaned with window cleaner.
  • Doors, door tops and door knobs are cleaned and polished.
  • Upholstery and cushions are lifted and cleaned with vacuum cleaning if necessary

Kitchen cleaning

  • Degrease the oven’s interior, clean the exterior and polish the chrome
  • Cupboards and drawers to be emptied and cleaned
  • Countertops to be cleaned and polished
  • Sinks to be cleaned, lime built-up to be scraped off and faucets to be polished.
  • The extractor to be cleaned and grime scraped off
  • The fridge to be cleaned out, mildew and grime to be cleaned
  • Cleaning of the washing machine
  • The dishwasher cleaned inside out
  • All appliances like the toaster, kettle, microwave to be cleaned
  • Refuse Bins to be cleared and cleaned

Bathroom cleaning

  • De-scaling, cleaning and polishing of the shower screen
  • Degreasing, cleaning and polishing of the wall tiles
  • Cleaning and polishing of the baths, hand sink, shower and fitting
  • The toilet seat should be cleaned and disinfected, the toilet de-scaled and scrubbed clean
  • Soap and shampoo scum should be scraped off the floor and drains
  • Mirrors are cleaned and polished.
  • Washing and polishing of the floors
  • The carpets and rugs should be vacuumed and hovered.

Always check the terms and conditions of the cleaning agreement because different cleaning companies have different terms and conditions on upholstery, curtains and other fabrics.

Using a tenancy cleaning service can ensure that the cleaning is done timely and professionally.  You will be more assured of getting the reimbursement of your deposit.

How to Buy Car Accessories at Great Prices

Do you need a car accessory but are shocked by the prices on the few brochures you have picked up from the local dealers? Indeed, for many car owners who are not auto-experts, buying car accessories is a decision they leave the mechanic much to the detriment of their wallets. Car parts carry some of the highest mark-ups in the industry, as high as 4000%. This means that the car accessories retailers are always counting on the fact that many car owners are clueless and will readily go with what the mechanic has recommended. How can you buy a car accessory without being ripped off?

Good research

If your mechanic says that you need to buy a new fuel pump, you are most likely to along with his recommendation and ask him to get the part from wherever he will. He will ask for $230 and you will readily fork it out.

Why not do a little research on the fuel pump that he has recommended? Google is your friend. Search for ‘Toyota Avensis fuel pump prices’ for example, and look at the different offers. You can also look at second-hand prices if a new part is beyond your reach. Websites like carparts.com or alibaba.com are very good on car parts information including prices.

Verify the accessory

Some car accessories are very specific to car engines and transmissions. These include sensors, modules, starters, alternators and others. Vehicles are identified by numbers. The slightest change in a single digit can lead to the purchase of a wrong car accessory that will not fit into your car. Always verify twice from the mechanic before purchasing the accessory if you are the one doing the purchase.

Always haggle

Haggling does not make you cheap. If you did your research properly, the seller will know that you are not another gullible car owner.  However, be careful to make sensible comparisons. If what you saw on the web had 2000 miles on it, don’t compare it with a brand new part. Do a matching comparison and haggle politely.

Discount coupons

Buying online has the added advantage of discount coupons. Look for discounts and offers from the eBay or Amazon where the competition drives dealers to do very good price offers including free delivery and good warranty terms.

Buy in person

If you are buying a rare car accessory, it is always advisable to do it in person. This is especially for vintage and limited run vehicles. You can look online for offers but then track down the owner and visually assess the car accessory before buying.

Coping adequately with House Removals

You Too Can Cope with House Removals When You Have Kids

Moving can be traumatic for every member of the family but usually kids seem to be the most affected. At least the grown-ups understand they are moving because of a job, upgrading to a better neighborhood or for some other logical reasons.

On the other hand, kids do not understand why they have to leave their home. All they visualize is separation from their friends and going to a totally different world. If you are moving and have a toddler with you, below are tips to ease your house removal process.

Get Your Child’s Approval for Moving

Not all parents may adopt this method but getting your child’s approval for moving is important. Explain to them why you need to move and of what good it will be to them. You may buy them their desired toy and then bring up this topic. This will change the kid’s notion about moving and s/he will adopt the idea of moving positively.

Involve Your Child in the Moving Process

Your toddler may not necessarily be helpful in packing but engaging them in little things will help them appreciate the move. Show them how to pack and let them pack their toys and books. Doing this will help your child see that you value their input and that they are significant in the family structure; hence boosting their confidence.

Allow the Toddler to Say Goodbye to Your Current Place

Children easily interact with their environment and soon enough become attached to their environment.  Regardless of the duration of time you have sent at your place, most likely your child is attached to your place. During the last days walk around with the child to help him recollect the good moments shared. This will also make the transition to your new place easier.

Upon arrival at your new lace explore play grounds and the neighborhoods with your child to help him/her familiarize with the new environment.

Make Plans for your Toddler’s Food

Usually, after moving, most people rely on fast foods for a while before they are fully settled in their new place. But when you have a toddler, moving is not an enough reason to feed your toddler unhealthy food. Consider getting healthy foods for your toddler before you settle; better yet pack your kitchen appliances and cutlery where you can easily access them and prepare food for your little one.

Changes have never been easy; luckily children easily adapt to changes. This means with proper planning, you should not experience any trouble when moving with children. At their age, what is most important to them is your love and compassion.

Accessories that every car should have

Accessories that every car should have

Your car is your home too just as the workplace, is. There are certain necessities that you should consider having with you every time you board your car. Here are a must have car accessories for your next trip.

Windscreen mounts of your phone

The windscreen mounts enable a hands-free operation of your phone where you can use the maps, connect to a Bluetooth receiver or listen to music via aux interface. Pick mounts that offer a good grip for the phone such that the phone does not fall off when you hit the bumps. The side grip arms do a better job than the clip-on style mounts. However, ensure that the phone does not distract you when driving.

Car hammer that comes with a seatbelt cutter

Sometimes emergencies do happen, and they do not have advance warnings. The safety hammer is always kept at the dashboard and can be used to break the glass and cut the seatbelts if you are stuck in the car. This can save a life in some cases. There are models in the market that come with a torch, digital pressure gauge, and a knife.

The torch

It is important to have a torch with you wherever you go. Do not rely on the phone flashlight for assistance. Most smartphone batteries drain in a short while and can cut your from likely assistance when it goes off somewhere in the wilderness. Therefore, invest in a standalone torch as it can work for hours on end at night.

Air compressor pump

There are different types of air compressors in the market. Some formats also come with a night flasher and an air pressure gauge. You can have either a mechanical or an electric one. Just ensure that the air pipe is long enough to reach any of the four tires.

Towing cable

It is good to have a road assistance subscription to get assistance whenever you need it. However, it is also good to have an alternative in place. When you cannot reach the roadside assistance or they are unlikely to reach on time, you can be assisted by another car owner by the use of a towing cable. The cables are 3-4 meters in length and can handle up to five tons.

USB charger

You should always carry a USB car charger that can be plugged into the car lighter socket so that you can charge your phone on the go. Go for the option that has two ports so that you can charge the phone and use some other device on the same socket.

The role of budgeting in hiring a professional cleaning service

Move out Cleaning London

There is no doubt that the aftermath of cleaning done by a move out cleaning London service is far much better than what any individual could do by themselves. Other than the fact that professional cleaners have specialized in such work, they have cleaning equipment and chemicals to do an excellent job every time. Such a dedicated service must cost a pretty penny but the overall cost depends on how you look at it. If you are aware of the specific areas which your landlord will check on their end of tenancy cleaning inspection, then a professional can handle these as you concentrate on the less vital. Before you engage a professional cleaning London team, here is what you need to know;

Different companies, different packages – A lot of companies can help with cleaning at the end of your tenancy but they all have different charging sheets. Packages in most cases are determined by the areas to be cleaned. From packages that focus on the key residence features to those that encompass everything that can be cleaned and improved, the charges increase with the amount of work involved. Having a budget beforehand is the best way to control how much you spend on move out cleaning London.

Customized services – Every house or office building is unique in the components, features, and areas that need specialized attention to clean. Most professional who offer end of tenancy cleaning London, have consultants who will use the budget range you want to spend and information on which areas to clean, to come up with a customized cleaning arrangement for you. You can rely on Tenancy Cleaning for all your move out cleaning needs

Charging policies – Before engaging professional cleaning services, it important to understand their charging policies since various aspects can determine the overall cost of cleaning at the end of your tenancy. While most companies’ base their charge on the number of rooms or components that require thorough cleaning, others make calculations on the number of employees deployed and time taken to complete a job.

If you are working on a strict budget, it is a good idea to find out all the charges involved in a successful cleaning job. Some companies which offer a flat rate for cleaning premises when you need move out cleaning but the client ends up paying for specific components to be cleaned. Another way to save on cleaning costs is to take advantage of seasonal offers and discounts. When business is low like during the winter when most people do not consider moving, professional cleaners will offer discounts. If this is a service that would save you a lot in terms of cost and still achieve the results you want, you should try it.

When Buying Car Accessories

Considerations You Should Make When Buying Car Accessories

People buy car accessories for different reasons. Sometimes it is out of need, other times it is because of personal interest, among other reasons. When buying a car accessory, regardless of why you want it, there are certain things that you need to consider. These considerations do not only influence your decision, but also work to safeguard the performance and value of your car.

Can you get them when buying the car?

This is more of a consideration that needs to be made while buying a car but it relates to accessories. If you can get your accessories when buying the car, whether from a manufacturer or a dealer, then you should. The reason I support this decision is that the accessories are covered in the warranty agreement and you can always be assured of the value of the accessories to your car.

Operational requirements

That you want a certain accessory, does not mean that your car can accommodate it. You have to consider the operational requirements of the accessories as well as whether the car can meet these requirements safely. For instance, if you want more lighting, how much more power will be needed and what impact will that have to the battery and charging unit? Do you need and auxiliary battery or power source and how will it affect the car? This consideration also relates to the safety concerns of having and operating the accessory.

Need versus luxury

As I said, we buy accessories for different reasons with need and luxury being two of the most common. You buy the extra lighting either because you need it to see better at night, or because you need your car to look cooler. When it comes down to it, the accessories you need, such as a GPS device, should always take precedence over those that you desire but don’t need.

Aesthetic value

This might seem like a trivial consideration but it is very important to make. Even though you need an accessory, you have to consider the aesthetics. This is especially as pertains to the make and model of your car as well as such things as the interior design and finishing. For instance, consider the colour of the accessory in relation to that of your car. You want an accessory that can meet your needs and still add value to your car.


Considerations such as the budget and upgrade ability of the accessory are also important to make. At the end of the day, a lot of decision-making should go into picking out the best accessory for your car.